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>Hi guys,
>I've been working on some kind of scanning system for an arpeggio 
>using any CPU!!!!   ...

It may be viewed as pretty dumb to say something about this after so 
much time has passed, but I've had digital problems on a grand scale 

The PAiA 4782 keyboard was this way. It was a simple scanner, N key 
encoder deal that sent a strobe when the key being scanned was down. 
The big job of the scanner was to encode key closures for the 8700 
computer which could be installed in the case, but so that people 
could sort of "ease into" the computer part it also did this 
arpeggiation trick without the computer. To do this, the strobe was 
fed back through a time delay and stopped the clock momentarily when 
it found a closed key. The strobe also clocked the new key number data 
into the DAC. 

It was pretty hot stuff, back in them days ...


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