90 ish percent working Octave Cat SRM

Dave's Synth account jupiter4 at bt-sys.bt.co.uk
Fri Apr 19 10:27:55 CEST 1996

Hi all,

Well I just got rid of my MIDI master keyboard Casio VZ1.
My JX 8P is now temporarily in charge of MIDI.

In exchange for some of the money (70UK pounds)  the guy gave me a 
knackered (his words) CAT Mk1
and an Allen and Heath Inpulse One Drum Computer.

Well the Drum computer is all digital built into a flight case with a dead
battery... apart from that its fine.

The CAT is in pretty bad shape, a bit battered. The keyboard is pretty
much shafted! But I disconnected this and went in the back VIA SYSTEM 100M
182 sequencer and it played quite happily :)

It is definately not fully functional tho. The LFO light does not change when
the slider is moved and the LFO is stuck at one speed. Apart from that there
is something strange happening with the VCO's a couple of the Waveforms on VCO
only make a difference when its cross modding something else, same for VCO2.


Well weird synth in general I spose. Build quality is a bit shite...

Apart from that it seems pretty well functional. Sounds really good to.
I love the Mod routings.

So, does anyone have copies schems or even a user manual, would be appreciated.

Cheers, Dave ...

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