EN 76 Triangle osc built.

Neal Tomlinson 100673.3374 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Apr 18 15:45:01 CEST 1996

I've recently been playing my first DIY module.   Thanks to info from the Synth
DIY archive and Gene Stopp especially , I've successfully built the Electronotes
square oscillator.   
This sounds really good.  I've hooked it up to my Multimoog and it sounds much
more powerful than the Moogs own oscillator design  ( no, it's not just louder!
).  I used to think that the Multimoog's filter was causing a less rich sound
than you'd
expect from a Moog, but now using the audio in to the VCF it sounds great, with
loads of low end power available.
The EN oscillator tracks well , has a very wide range, and has been stable over
the last 3 weeks, despite not having a Tempco resistor in the circuit ( they're
hard to find over here ) .  Tuning has not been a problem.
The only difference from Gene's schematic is that I've used an Elantec IC: the
EP2015CN for the matched PNP pair.  This contains four closely matched 2N3906
type transistors ( of which only two are used ) and does the job well.  It costs
around two and a half UK pounds , whereas the MAT03 is expensive over here ( 12
pounds ! )  
Now I'm hooked.  Must build a VCF next.

Joe Farler

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