ENS-76 VCF OPT2 Probs.

A.S.P. ms20 at zebu.serv.net
Thu Apr 18 15:12:34 CEST 1996

I recently built two of these Option 2 filters out of Electronotes.  I'm 
not having any luck with them.  I only get an inverted version of the 
signal I put in at the outputs, no resonance, no real filtering.  

At the end of the article it says this:

Note that while the optimum value 3pf seems smaller than the 10pf used 
in option 1, since the attenuating resistor is 100k in Option 2 while it 
was only 10k in option 1, the Q(?) here is equivalent to 30pf for the 10k 
attenuator.  In fact, persons building this circuit new should make R26 
and R28 10K, and R27 and 29 equal to 22 Ohms, and then about 30pf to 
compensate for Q.

(You'll probably have to look the circuit up to make sense of what I'm 

I built the circuit with the original values.  Could this be why it's not 

Also, is there a simple way to check if a FET (MPF102) is still ok?  I 
use the diode checker function on my multimeter for regular transistors, 
but I don't think that it is meant for FETs.

ms20 at serv.net

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