Jam Mastah A mdma at
Wed Apr 17 15:49:48 CEST 1996

> Hey, thinking about this: If the Sequecial people could paint their
> Hindu (?) symbols all over the Prophet's PCBs, I might as well etch

were they hindu symbols? i remember seeing mushrooms, etc.on pro-1 pcb's.

that would be interesting though, the hindu idea is that the universe was 
created from sound, and the sound is OM.  (you know , kraftwerk, 'ohm 
sweet ohm' bahaha)


I just got schematics for my EML-100! I am going to attempt to chone 
myself another ring modulator, and maybe another hp/lp/bp filter/envelope 
section.  has anyone here ever successfully cloned EML modules?did you 
have much luck? were the schematics 'ok?'

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