Electronotes U.S. distribution update

Barry Bernard yrrab at well.com
Tue Apr 16 22:44:38 CEST 1996

>Speaking of the distribution list, where is it now??? I'm at the bottom of
>that list and I haven't heard from it for quite some time now (was it
>Anyway, keep us informed!
>| Olivier Hebert

The PCC has just escaped California and should be on it's way to Duane Balvage
in Portland, Oregon. The stack I believe has some new information added by Rob
Lodes (thanks Rob). As the distribution list is rather long it may take a while
to get to the people at the end of the list. It's definitely worth the wait.
If everyone can copy it and send it on quickly, it will help alleviate this
problem a little bit.

     -Barry Bernard

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