Electronotes? Where to get them??

gstopp at fibermux.com gstopp at fibermux.com
Tue Apr 16 20:29:21 CEST 1996

     My guess is - sure enough, that's the guy - he mentions Cornell in 
     Yes the PCC is a compilation. Not complete, but good.

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Subject: Re[2]: Electronotes? Where to get them??
Author:  Bob.Schrum at harpercollins.com at ccrelayout
Date:    4/16/96 11:18 AM

Gene Stopp writes...
> Electronotes is (was) a newsletter published by "The Musical Engineering 
> Group", headed by a guy named Bernie Hutchins in New York, from the early 
> 70's to the early 80's, and beyond (so they say).
Is the one and the same Bernie Hutchins teaching DSP in the EE dept at 
Too bad a compilation book hasn't been published--or is that what the 
Preferred Circuits Collection is?  Working for a publishing company myself 
one might think this an offer to do it--but alas, we're a religious 
publisher.  We would have to include Bible verses and devotionals with each 
schematic!   Considering the kind of language that goes on at a DIY-er's 
bench (I've long lost count of my soldering iron injuries,) such a 
publication may be somewhat inappropriate. :-)

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