New vocoder soon available

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Mon Apr 15 23:25:00 CEST 1996


I have great news for all those who are interested in Vocoders. On the
weekend I visited Stefan Schmidt and took a look on his current

I have posted about Stefan's vocoders on AH now and then, but for
those who haven't read it, here it's all in short:

Stefan has done research on Vocoders since several years. He has
built a very high-end vocoder many years ago, that was far superior
than the usual EMS2000/3000 or Roland stuff. Everybody who had the
chance to hear his prototype was absolutely blown away. Unfortunately
this was a unit that he had built for his personal use only. 6-pole filters 
each pole pair adjusted by hand, a single front panel for each pair of
channels - absolutely overkill. I had the chance to test this prototype
at home for several months. This all was many years ago.

Now as he has had success with some commercial products (well,
303-clones ...), the time has come to fulfill his dream and build a
Vocoder comercially.
The bad news first: He will not build this large one in series.  :-(
(Anybody could encourage him that there is some demand in the
high-end sector as well ??)
But he will offer one that is a somewhat slimmed-down but still very
powerful version. So the Sennheisers and EMS 5000's will still be
a class of their own (;->) , but the Roland Vocoders will get some
very hard competition!

A few points that I have seen and heard on the prototype:

* 12 channels
* 4-pole filters
* Two compressor/limiters
* A very special voiced/unvoiced detector
* Built-in VCO or external carrier
* One knob per channel for level adjustment
* Usable as filter bank
* filter bank can be mixed with vocoder
* Speach intelligilibility is absulutely great - no mixing of original
   signal necessary (but possible).
* It comes in a 1HE rack mount enclosure and will probably cost less than
  500 Dollars.

This is every bit of information I have at the moment.
Too soon for requests to MAM, Stefan's company, yet.
But I wanted to inform those of you who plan to buy a vocoder in the near
future: It may be worth waiting a few months ...


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