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Tomy Hudson wizrad at localhost
Sun Apr 14 01:36:04 CEST 1996

Anders Sponton queried:

> Recently, R.G.Keen wrote about a technique to make front panel labelings.
> He mentioned the Dynart Toner Transfer paper. Does anybody in the Synth-DIY 
> list know which company makes that paper? Is it 3M, Kodak, Agfa or ?

The company and address:

DynaArt Designs
3535 Stillmeadow Lane
Lancaster, California 93536-6624

Sorry, I don't know the phone number. Mouser Electronics (ph 800-346-6873)
carries two stock numbers:

5165-TTS5 	5 sheets	$ 14.95
5165-TTS10	10 sheets	$ 27.95

I've also had very good results with this.

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