Looking for advice on power distribution

Kevin Lightner majmoog at leonardo.net
Fri Apr 12 21:23:00 CEST 1996

>I remember there had been a discussion on power distribution, but didn't
>catch all of the messages.
>In designing a fair size modular system of 30 or so modules, it has occurred
>to me that there are two ways to distribute power to the separate modules.
>First, a large linear or switched supply (3A or so) sending power down buss
>lines that are connected to the modules.
>Second, a large rectified supply (3 to 5 amp xfmr, bridge rectifier, main
>filter cap) sending power down buss lines that are connected to the modules
>and then having separate small regulators (78L15, 79L15, 78L05 etc) with
>small caps surrounding them on each board.  This would add about $1.50 to
>each module, but if it would be a better and safer approach, it would be
>worth it.
>Any comments on which would be the best approach?
>I realize that this is mundane to EE's, but for those of us who aren't ...
>Thanks in advance!
>Bob Zimmer

The most important and overlooked aspect I've found when building large
modulars is a very good ground between all the cabinets and modules. These
ARE voltage controlled synths remember. :)

Although I've seen some great regulation specs on switchers, I still can't
bring myself to sticking one in a modular synth. Power one, Condor,
International Power are my favorite linears.


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