On the subject of VCF's...

Joshua Hanson the.josh at jhu.edu
Fri Apr 12 21:12:42 CEST 1996

Since there's been an awful lot of talk about different VCF's being built 
around here, and since I've never built one (just as a single, 
concentrated project), and since I'm going to be building one or two 
(probably the former) this summer as soon as I get home, I need some 

I just want an opinion or two on a quick and/or easy VCF that could 
handle a regular audio input with fairly gentle hands, but with a good 
amount of resonance.  It need not have a great deal of features, and it 
need not be wonderfully hi-tech, I just need something that I can build 
in a short period of time, and hack into another synthesiser's audio 

If anybody could point me in the right direction, or send me some 
schematics or PCB layouts, I would be forever grateful.
Josh Hanson

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