Roland Service Notes

Colin Fraser colinf at
Wed Apr 10 10:09:13 CEST 1996

Back in January I suggested the idea of a distibution list for copies of
Roland 303, 808 and 909 sevice notes.
At the time I only had the 303 and 909 notes and was waiting for the 808
notes from Roland.
Amazingly they are here already, after only 3 months wait.
If your name is not listed below and you want to be added send me a mail.
As soon as I have photocopied a couple of sets of notes I'll send them off,
probabaly one for Europe and one for the US and Canada.

People already on my list:

D.V. Mitchell
Berry Thrailkill
Stephen Holloway
Jonathan Mayer
Oliver Hebert
Mike Nail
Eric Neilsen
Byron Jacquot
Erik the Viking
J Devlin
Chris Crosskey


Colin f

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