getting text on a synth casing

Kevin Lightner majmoog at
Thu Apr 4 17:35:20 CEST 1996

>Hi there,
>Does anyone know what the options are if you want to label the
>knobs and switches on homebuilt stuff ?
>I've tried using these symbols and letters you can buy in any
>supermarket (you know, where you have to 'rubb' them on a surface),
>but the results were poor...
>Filip Sneppe

Lately, I've been having panels engraved. It is more expensive, but not
that out-of-the-question and the lettering will never rub off. You can also
paint in the color(s) of your choice. Find an engraving company in your
area that does panels and small runs. They can also cut out complex holes
like D-SUb connectors, rectangular holes, UL AC receptacles, etc. In Los
Angeles, I use JC Engraving in Burbank/Glendale area. They get a LOT of
studio work and have done most of the panels at A&M records, etc.

For small mods and temp projects the Brother P-Touch works well for me.

One of my clients even prefers that I use Dymo lettering, the old 70's
style of marking everything. (look to ANY episode of Mission Impossible!).
The raised lettering makes it easy to identify controls by touch.


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