looking for a CX-3 keyboard

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at denbgm3xm.scnn1.msmgate.m30x.nbg.scn.de
Wed Sep 27 20:51:00 CET 1995


I wonder if somebody (from Europe) has a broken Korg CX-3
or BX-3 laying around with the *keyboard* still in function
(mechanically and contacts). I would really like to get one of these
(new ones from Korg cost as much as DM 500,-, for which I could
buy a whole organ ...).
I would gladly spend up to DM 200,- for such a keyboard (shipping
included). So if You have a broken CX-3 or BX-3 collecting dust,
don't hesitate and sell it to me! It would start a new life as a controller
for the JH-3 Modular Synthesizer!

Thanks in advance for any offer,


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