which Cramolin for pot's ?

Eirikur Hallgrimsson EH at Ranger.enet.dec.com
Tue Sep 26 19:01:44 CET 1995

I'm glad to hear that Cramolin has made it across the Atlantic.  It's great
stuff.  Don't get confused
when you see the new name: DeOxit.  It's the same stuff, basically.   They
are trying to update their 1950's image.  (You should have seen their
catalog 5 years ago.  1950's black+white graphics).

You can't hurt anything with a Caig (makers of Cramolin) product.  (Well,
maybe by using the very rare cleaner/solvent-only spray and not
lubricating, but we all know that lubrication is good, right?  Otherwise
things can get downright uncomfortable.)

You want Cramolin Red 5% spray.   That's the deoxidizer/preservative in a
base of cleaning solution.
It includeds lubrication.    If you are a completist, you could get the
Cramolin blue, which is basically for treating new contacts, it does not
contain the deoxidizer.  You could use red, then blue, but I think that's
really redundant.  Cramolin Red is now called DeOxit over here, and I'm
using the DeOxit 5% spray and it smells just like Cramolin Red to me.
(Which is not bad, actually, but you shouldn't snort the stuff.)

5% is the magic dilution factor recommended by insane audiophiles here in
the US.  :-)
Seriously, I learned about Cramolin from stereo hobbyists.


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