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Tue Sep 26 01:59:00 CET 1995

Thanks for the great comments on my books!  

Checking with OnChip, they said those were the only two issues that
came out.  I agree they were full of neat stuff and sure wish they
continued with them.  But their marketing focus shifted from
experimenters to OEM's, who apparently they thought, would not need
such info.

On the keyboard interfaces, I played with those so long ago that
I don't remember too much about the details.  I do remember that
to get the gate/triggers from the control voltage, a bit of tweaking
of the circuitry is probably needed.  You need to adjust the gains
so key to key transitions reliably fire the gate/trigger.  With
the two buss approach you don't have this concern.  Maybe at the time
most keyboards had two busses available.  Don't remember.  I'd 
probably make up a DAC based circuit if I were to do it now.  But
I'd advise everyone now to just use a MIDI keyboard with a MIDI to CV
circuit.  No unwanted drift or mistriggering, and polyphony if you
want to buy it.

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