Your books

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Mon Sep 25 20:30:00 CET 1995

Hi Barry!

On Friday, I received Your books. I only had some hours
to read them, so far, but I enjoyed it very much!
I knew that there would be many basic things inside
(and so I am one more who recommends this to *everybody*
who starts building his own modulars - if only I had these
books back then when they first were published, it would
have saved me lots of trial and error ! ), but I was also very
pleased to find some things I haven't seen before.
I really enjoyed this description of the evolution of
VC-envelope chips and the details of the CEM3340.
(I'll build this thru-zero-FM-VCO, some time!!)
I wondered if this kind of CEM-newsletter died after the
first two issues - I would have been very curious about a
description of the 3320 filter as good as the 3340 description
was ...
Thank You also for the brief but good comparison of
3080 / 3280 / 13600.
There are other gems inside these books, but I'll have to
dig deeper into it during the next days. This was just a
short mail about my first impression - highly recommended !
(That's why I also mail this to the lists ...)


PS.: I wonder why everybody and You, too, use keyboards
         with several contact rows for duophonic operation.
         I always thought extracting gates and triggers directly
         from the CV would work just fine; but I have only done this
         on monophonic keyboards, so far.

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