One of my next modules ...

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Thu Sep 21 21:17:00 CEST 1995

... will be an Analogue Shift Register.

Reading the the Serge catalogue, this one caught
my attention. Now, as there are no schematics available,
I think it's no crime to *think* how they might have done it,
and try it myself (for my own personal use, of course).
I spendtsome hours thinking how to implement this as
easy as possible. First I thought about some BBD-like
structure, but then finally I was sure I found the crucial
point of this design: The triggers are propagated from
right to left! So everything turns out as 3 Sample&Hold
stages and 3 monoflops to control them. In the first
500us S&H #3 samples the last value of #2, in the following
500us #2 samples #1, and finally #1 samples the input.
I will use fast S&H, so I have *almost* simultanous sampling,
but IMO the thing that makes the circuit simple, is that it
really is a serial processing.
Well, remember, I am describing my (re?)design - I have
no idea what there really is inside those Serges - I have
not found talkative people who know the Serge interiors -
so don't flame me. I just post this because I like the function
of this module, and I gladly pick this idea up.

Any ideas, any comments ?


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