Interesting PLL sounds

Scott Gravenhorst, Synthaholic chordman at
Wed Sep 20 21:40:04 CEST 1995

I'v been playing with my newly built PLL harmonic generator and it does 
indeed produce some interesting sounds.

I noticed that even if the filter is set for minimum overshoot, that is 
it settles down quickly, there is a period of time, (2 seconds or more 
for large pitch changes) during which it sounds like the phase 
relationship between the divider outputs and the VCO it tracks changes 
smoothly.  At first I thought it was coming from my filter settings, 
but when the PLL mixer pots are all turned down to zero, the effect 
disappears.  Even with pitch glide set really long.

-- Scott G., Synthaholic

There is no 12 step program for synthaholics.  Thank your Superior Being.

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