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Mon Sep 18 05:02:26 CEST 1995

i just joined this list, and have spent the last three hours 
reading through the archived messages.  you guys are great, 
i've been looking for a group like this.  although a lot of 
what is discussed is above my head (but hopefully not for 

i'm just getting into modulars and diy, and i have a couple of 

is there anyone that is selling module kits these days.  i'm 
starting from scratch, so i'm looking for something to start 
myself off with.  i heard that doepfer was selling kits, is 
this true or are they just selling pre assembled modules.  if 
they are, what are their prices like (us).

has anyone here ever thought of making the fatman patchable.  
i know (as far as modulars go) its different sections are 
fairly simple, but it would give us modular new commers a 
place to start (especially with all those great mods out 
there).  i'm sorry if this sounds like a goofy thing to do.

how would you recomend starting a system.  i'd like to build 
as much of it as i can.  there really aren't that many kit 
type systems out there anymore are there (i'm calling PAiA 
today to see if they have any of their CEM based kits left).

how practical is it to try to build the electronotes or 
elector modules.  i know about gene's electronotes vco, and 
plan to build it.

many thanks for any responses.  sorry if this seems to ramble, 
but it's 6 am and i've been up all night reading the archived 


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