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Tue Sep 12 15:53:43 CEST 1995


Well I finally found a scope--for $10 at a garage sale, yahoo!  Of course it 
doesn't quite work, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be (I hope).  
It's an old Heathkit (don't know model # off the top of my head, if anyone 
wants to know I'll check when I get home), from the 70's I believe.  One good 
thing is that I have both the operation and the assembly manuals, so I think 
I could fix it if I worked on it long enough (I'm an EE with mucho theory, 
nada troubleshooting), but I'm hoping someone here can give me some pointers 
and save me some time/trouble.  Here's the deal:  It's dual trace, 10 MHz. 
When I turn it on (with all settings according to the test mode in the 
operations manual) I only get one trace and after a few minutes it starts to 
break up and eventually goes away.  At the same time, the thing starts to 
smell like burning plastic.  (Doh!)  In my very limited experience with this 
kind of thing, I'm suspecting a voltage regulator has been fried.  I didn't 
see anything obviously bad when I looked inside (tho I just looked through 
the vents, I have yet to take the case apart).  Any suggestions?


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