TB-303 Replica

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at denbgm3xm.scnn1.msmgate.m30x.nbg.scn.de
Mon Oct 30 22:01:00 CET 1995

>well ... I read some critics about the Transistorbass-3 and
>other products which try to pretend beeing a TB303. Most
>comments are like "Pretty good, but certainly not the same".
>So is it a true replica or not? If yes, why is it stated as
>sounding different?

Well, what is a true replica?
If You'd take an original Roland 303 and put it into a green
box, some people would swear they heard "differences" in
in the sound. OTAH, there's this load of crap in the press
where people claim You can emulate a 303 with a CEM
filter. I must admit I am *very* bored by the whole topic.
Well, to keep it short, the Transistorbass-3 is not a replica
in the sense that they have an "xyz" transistor soldered out
of an actual Roland 303, and planted it into the Braintec one.
But I *hope* buying the same xyz transistor from Japan should
be close enough (;->). Just an example. You get the clue.
Of course, the 303's sequencer is replaced by a Midi Interface.
And also well known, the "303"-type sonic capabillites are just
a small "subset" of the Transistorbass' features. The owner's
manual (which is one of the most comprehensible ones I have
ever seen, btw.) tells You exactly which knobs You have to
put on the left position to get a "true" 303 emulation.
Hope this helps.
And again (how often did I say this before?): Personally I cannot
understand why anybody would like to use any synth just to
emulate a 303. I never liked the 303, nor do I like the music that
usually is created with it.  But if You want exactly this sound (plus
many things more), and You want to go Midi, and can't afford a
real 303, the Transistorbass is definetly the way to go. You can't
get closer.


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