TB-303 Replica

Michael Zacherl - Bacher Systems EDV GmbH mz at bacher.co.at
Mon Oct 30 12:18:38 CET 1995

>>Speaking of the TB-303: would it be possible (in terms of
>>availability of components) and worthwhile to build a replica
>>of this thing? It looks rather simple in design.
>>What problems would one have to expect to encouter?
>>Has anyone the schematics at hands?

>A friend of mine has done this. It's called the Transistorbass-3
>and is available from TBS, Fuerth, Germany.


well ... I read some critics about the Transistorbass-3 and
other products which try to pretend beeing a TB303. Most 
comments are like "Pretty good, but certainly not the same".

So is it a true replica or not? If yes, why is it stated as 
sounding different?


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