TB-303 Replica

Michael Zacherl - Bacher Systems EDV GmbH mz at bacher.co.at
Mon Oct 30 11:09:37 CET 1995

>Now this was the great surprise! While the later SH-7 has 4-pole
>ota-filters, now guess what's inside the earlier SH-5:
>It's a *diode ladder*, very similar to the TB-303 and the EMS
>Synthi A.
>(There are additional BP and HP filters - it's the LP filter I was
>talking about.)

Speaking of the TB-303: would it be possible (in terms of 
availability of components) and worthwhile to build a replica
of this thing? It looks rather simple in design. 

What problems would one have to expect to encouter?
Has anyone the schematics at hands?


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