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Found this on usenet.  Thought somebody on this list might enjoy this:

October 23, 1995

Moog Music Inc. / 1996 Product Line

These days it seems more and more companies want to tell you about their
classic sounds, analog feel, or vinatge warmth...

If these descriptions are exactly what you want in a synthesizer, then in
1996, a new product line from a new company will delight and surprise you.

Moog Music is pleased to announce a new product line combining
craftmanship and strict quality control to bring you the finest sounding
modular systems and synthesizers available. The 1996 product line will
fully intergrate with all existing Moog systems. We welcome any questions,
comments or opinions you may have.
9500 Series Modular Synthesizers: 9500 Series modules combine the latest
methods for stability and tuning precision without sacrificing warmth and
color. Every knob, switch and panel indication on the 9500 series has been
carefully thought out to make your creative process fast, efficient and
rewarding. February 1996. 

9501  Voltage Controlled Oscillator
9501A  Oscillator Controller
9501B  Oscillator
9502  Voltage Controlled Amplifier
9503   Random Noise Generator
9504A  Voltage Controlled Lowpass Filter
9504B  Voltage Controlled Highpass Filter
9504C  Filter Coupler
9505  Reverberation Unit
9507  Fixed Filter Bank
9510  Power Supply
9511  Envelope Generator
9511A  Dual Trigger Dealy
9512  Envelope Follower
9514  Extended Range Fixed Filter Bank
9521  Voltage Controlled Oscillator
9521A  Oscillator Controller
9521B  Oscillator
9560  Standard Interface
9591  Filter / Attenuator Panel
9594  Jack Multiples Panel
9595  Ring Modulator
9596  Sample & Hold
9598  Mixer
9599  4 Channel MIDI-CV Convertor
9800R  Eight Unit Rack Mount System
9801P  Cable Pack
Beyond our standard specifications, we are willing to provide you with
custom manufactured modules or systems to meet your exisisting needs.
Correspond to the attention of Moog Custom Engineering.

Two complete synthesizer sytems will be offered in the 9500 series. They
are the System I and the System IV. Both systems are housed in 9800R rack
panels that can be installed in standard rolling racks for your convience.
Please write for individual specifications.

MDC-4:  4 Channel MIDI to CV Convertor. Easily upgraded to your choice of
8 or 16 cahnnels.Features include MIDI In, Out, Thru, DIN Sync out, DCB
Connection, and individual LFOs per channel. Projected Summer 1996. 

4500 Series Synthesizer: A portable version combing the best qualities of
our 9500 series modular systems, hard wired and patchable with complete
MIDI control. Projected Summer 1996.

All Prices To Be Announced.

Please write for our upcoming product catalog, or for individual
specifications. Include mailing address and phone number.  Please email to
76512.227 at compuserve.com

Moog Music Inc.
10050 Montgomery Road  Box 313
Dept. 23
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Copyright 1995 - Moog Music Incoporated - A Division Of Echo Park Music,
Inc. Moog is a trademark of Moog Music Inc.

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