AW: easy self made analog sequencer

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Wed Oct 25 23:39:55 CET 1995

     Maybe we should consider the line of analog switches from Maxim. They 
     have 16-to-1 muxes, 8-to-1 muxes, quads, duals, etc. Some have on 
     resistances below 35 ohms, all are below 100 ohms. They run off of +10 
     to +30 volts or +/- 4.5 to +/- 20 volts, and rail-to-rail signals are 
     allowed. They also have an ESD tolerance of >2000 volts. The control 
     inputs are TTL and CMOS compatible even when running off of bipolar 
     - Gene

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Subject: AW: easy self made analog sequencer
Author:  Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 <HJ2743 at>
at ccrelayout
Date:    10/23/95 3:04 PM

> A minus ?
Take care of the power supply range of the CMOS IC's ! 
They die of voltages above 18V (the usual "analogue" 
range is +/-15V, i.e. 30V !!!)
If You want to switch CV's, a quite large system of scale- 
down-and-restore amps plus an auxiliary +/- 7.5V supply
is the way to go ... (Too compley, IMO. I'd rather use discrete 

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