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Dan Higdon hdan at
Tue Oct 24 23:04:45 CET 1995

Matt Haines[SMTP:haines at] writes:
> OK, now I've got to find a darn sequencer.... :) But I see what you're
> don't need multiple slew-limiters if it's v-controlled, as you
> just use a row of voltages to control it. Hmm. Interesting.

> Matt Haines  haines at

Were you serious about needing a sequencer? :-)
The Terrence Thomas book has a sequencer schematic in it.  It's based
on a decade counter (4010?).  The particular counter used can apparently
generate the voltages needed from its output pins, so long as you give
it an appropriate supply voltage (+10v or +15v, most likely).  It then just
uses a pot wired as a voltage divider, one for each output * one per row.
His example had three rows of ten, and LEDs to show which stage is
active.  I can try to scan the schematic, if anyone is interested.  Like
the rest of the stuff in his book, it assumes +15v control voltages, and
a +15v power supply (no -15v!).  Oh yeah, and you have to supply a pulse
source as well.  The same book has a VC pulse generator in it; I could
scan that as well.

Someone around here built one a while back, and said that it worked well.
As I've only built an LFO so far, it seemed a little pre-mature to be building
a sequencer for myself.... :-)

Dan Higdon (hdan at

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