VC pots

Fucking GOD of Roland mr808 at
Tue Oct 24 20:31:09 CET 1995

> > Date:          Mon, 23 Oct 1995 10:22:19 +0100
> > From:          Rick Jansen <rick at>
> > You can build VC resistors with OTA's too. National Semiconductor's
> > data sheets for the 13600 show a circuit. Another method is to use 
> > a JFET.
 I thought that JFETs had problems w/ control signal feedthru, making 
 them undesireable for use where you're attenuating an audio 
 signal, such as resonance.  Maybe someone could clarify this?
 I would dearly love to see a comparison between or discussion about
different types of VCAs - JFETs, OTAs, dedicated VCA circuits, motorized
Potentiometers, DAC R2R ladders, etc. comparing cost/complexity to

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