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Matt Haines haines at
Mon Oct 23 19:09:15 CET 1995

>So You have 3 sets of 6 control voltages to switch between.
>But I won't do a simple switching, but really a crossfade.
>The circuit should be dead easy: Just a built-in slew limiter for
>each coloumn, with a common lag time control knob (and
>CV input). Connecting the 6 CV's to different points like VC-ADSR
>time, VC-resonance and stuff, I hope to get some really interesting
>analogue Morphing sounds.
>With a variable pulse width clock signal at the switch inputs
>I could not only morph in time, but also with a variable CV
>(i.e. the CV which is controlling the PW of the clock signal).

Why not go all the way and have a seperate lag time for each column, so you
could set everything independently? I was just dreaming of a sequencer that
would have independent portamento rates for each 'note' the other day.

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