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Jeffrey D.McEachin jdm at synthcom.com
Sat Oct 14 08:15:36 CET 1995

On Fri, 13 Oct 1995, Don Tillman wrote:

> I have no idea what's inside the Odyssey module, so now I'm incredibly
> curious; what's the circuit like?  How on earth do they use an LM3900
> in a VCF circuit?  How did you get a schematic?

You don't need a schematic to know about the LM3900's, as later modules
were unpotted.  I've got two broken ones sitting on my bench, awaiting 
the return of my Odyssey schematics so I can figure out the I/O.

Module schematics for Arp stuff are hard to locate - Timothy Smith 
promised me a set when he got ahold of some, but I don't know if he ever 
got them.  Phil Cirrocco (sp?) may have them as well.

I'll let you know if I figure out the topology.


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