juno voice chips

lazlo RevLazlo at megaweb.com
Tue Oct 10 00:44:10 CET 1995

i went shop hopping today, and struck up a coversation with a 
service tech.  we ended up in his little repair cubical, and 
he started showing me some of the stuff he had laying around.  
he pulled out what he said was a 106 voice chip.  he said they 
are still available from roland for $15.  evidently he has 
used them to build his own stuff.  he claims they're pretty 
powerful outside the domain of the 106.  there are two chips 
that work together, with a minimum of external components(ever 
looked inside a 106, i don't recal seeing to many discrete 

so what do you think.  could we build some interesting modules 
with these things.  anybody have any ideas.  unfortunately i'm 
not anywhere close to being as technical as most of you, but 
to me it sounds like it has potential.


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