Email Problem

Chris Crosskey chrisc at
Tue Nov 28 03:22:27 CET 1995

Email Problem

I'm having problems with hte email system at work at the moment. Most of 
the stuff I seem to be getting is turning up as an orphan in the mail 
server, an the Systems Manager is having to manually send it on to me. As 
this is my works email set up he is not  very happy about this. my 
address is chrisc at, I think some of you are missing the *c* 
out of the middle of it (ie sending to chris at I've 
unsubscribed from the list at the moment, if other people start to report 
the same problem at work then its our system, not people trying to mail 
in. We've just upgraded a lot of stuff (Mailnet instead of Mail, NTServer 
and a lot of guys are using Win95 recently too) so system bugs are quite 

I'll still pick stuff up in the WWW archives at, and I'll try to 
reply to all the mail I've been sent tonight. Thanks for the interest, 
but our Sys-Ops going to slaughter me if this carries on, and then 
there'll be a management decree to not use the system for personal stuff.

                       Chris 8-(>

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