Buffer questions (was Re: CEM3394/SixTrak Output Mod)

M. Christopher Jones mcjones at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Thu Nov 30 17:18:51 CET 1995

At 6:17 PM 11/29/95, A.S.P. wrote:
>I want to give my SixTrak the six output mod, as suggested on the
>Self-Oscillator web page.  I only have one question about this:
>How important is it to buffer the CEM3394s output?  I don't want to risk
>blowing these now hard to find ICs.

Good question... I have found that the audio output from the 3394 is quite
loud (some have commented that it is undesirably hot) but it hasn't become
a problem for me, I simply adjust the gain on my mixer. However, throwing
in a 100k resister in the output as a buffer would quell your fears and
take care of the excessive volume as well.

Having said this I should say that I too would love to hear a more
definitive answer from someone with more technical experience than myself
(which is minimal).

In addition I'd like to ask anyone out there what the practical differences
are between resistors and capacitors when used as buffers and when one
might be preferrable over another.



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