floating inductor simulation?

R.G. Keen keen at austin.ibm.com
Wed Nov 29 22:02:58 CET 1995

>On 29 Nov 95 at 10:50, Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 wrote:
>> For an emulation of the Hammond Vibrato, I need
>> a lot of Inductors in the 500mH range.
>> I thought about building them with gyrators, but I don't have
>> the right circuit so far.
You can easily wind your own. 500turns on the bobbin of an 1811
potcore with AsubL of 2300 gets you very close.

>Why wouldn't five 100mH Chokes work?  Does the impedance change too 
>much at lower frequencies?
Impedance of an inductor is a direct function of the frequency, 
Zsubl = 2*pi*f*L

But five 100mH in series WILL work.

>Why did inductors go away?
They are more expensive than simulating them electronically or doing
the same thing another way.


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