Spring Reverb Circuits?

Steve Morrison tboy at aros.net
Wed Nov 29 06:35:06 CET 1995

On 28 Nov 95 at 20:22, A.S.P. spewed words about Spring Reverb 

 : Does anyone know of a good general purpose spring reverb driver circuit?  
 : I want to add a spring tank to my system, but can't seem to find anything 
 : that tells me how it's done.
Leper's Schematic Archive has a schematic of Craig Anderton's "Stage 
Center Reverb" at:  http://rowlf.cc.wwu.edu:8080/~n9343176/homebrew.html#delay

I don't know if PAiA still sells their "Hot Springs Reverb" kit, but 
you can ask honcho at paia.com.

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