Email Problem UA726

Chris Crosskey chrisc at
Wed Nov 29 03:57:29 CET 1995

Hi all
      As you may remember I've bounced in and out of this 
mail list. In, because I'm into DIY synths, out again 
because we've got problems with the mail server at work. 
We think the problem might be people trying to either use 
some sort of auto-send function against the mail that I 
have posted/sent. If you are using an auto-reply don't do 
it. I'm currently now where near the machine/server etc 
that my account is based on, I'm in the University Library 
at Oxford (the Bodleian). I don't have an account here, 
but their server will allow you to send out messages under 
any acvcount name, even if it's nbot held on site. However 
if you use a reply bouncer, it's probably going to end up 
causing problems. 
    The second possiblilty is more likely. As there are 
two people named *chris* where I work, I'm *chrisc*. 
Because of the way that our server works anything that 
turns up with an unregistered username, but 
will end up in the System Supervisors infile, and he got 
pretty pissed off that he had to manualy transfer what to 
him was a load of gibberish (his freak is birdwatching).
    The stuff from the majordomo arrived OK, so I think 
you guys aren't spelling my name right. 
        For those of you interested in how I got hold of 
my tiny handful (I now have seven including those in my 
Formant) of 726's, I placed wanted adverts in the hobby 
electronics mags in this country. I swapped a bunch of 
linear and CMOS stuff worth about 10 UK pounds (25DM, 15 
dollars US, don't know florints sorry) for them  with some 
guy that had them in his hobby box for twenty years and 
never used them. He was happy, I was ecstatic. I know it 
means having to use snail-mail and IRL paper etc, and 
it'll be two months before you hear any replys, but it 
only took me two tries. I would be trying again, but a 
friend of mine ( the guy who currently has my Minimoog 
filter) has just combined the Penfold designed 
CA3046/LM13700 oscillator circuit, with the info from the 
NSC data sheet on the LM13700 to get a sawtooth oscillator 
that seems to stay in tune. The Penfold converter doesn't 
use a tempco resister, but uses the current flow through 
one  transistor to regulate the coversion transistor. I 
think. Whatever, it takes about five-ten minutes to settle 
down after turn on, then it's stable. With a sawtooth osc, 
I'll re-layout the circuit to use the Formant waveshapers, 
and have a decently featured (waveform wise) osc with no 
problem components. 
       I'm no graet shakes as a designer, but I can lay 
out a circuit quite happily ( and I have a really basic 
CAD package to help) so I can snail a circuit foil diagram 
to you when it's done. I make my own boards as I have a 
chemical waste recycler easily to hand and a UV set-up of 
my own. (the Formant board is too big for my system, but I 
know where ther's a bigger light unit if I need to).

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