release time getting longer

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Mon Nov 27 21:46:00 CET 1995

>     * Decay-Release complete discharge - one disadvantage to the
>     opposite-diode design is that the diodes become large resistors once 
>     envelope discharges down to near zero volts. If you use the envelope 
>     control VCO pitch, for example, this means that it will fall to close 
>     zero then drift flat for a good long time, instead of settling down to 
>     constant pitch. This can be fixed but only by making the design more
>     complex.


While I haven't seen the very circuit You are talking about, from
Your description I can tell that this is exactly the same problem
I have found on my Korg Lambda.
The Lambda has diode based AR envelopes (for each key), and
they show this behaviour: after the actual release time, there is
a "tail" of sound (like the pseudo reverb of some Yamaha 4-op
syths (;->) ).


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