Adding CV to gear

J303 at J303 at
Tue Nov 21 05:32:48 CET 1995

Hello, this is my first post to this list, and I' am not really a DIY person,
but I am starting my way. (Just order C. Anderton's Electronic Prj. for
Any way, I have this box called a Boss PC-2, which is a cheap, little synth
basically, with an osc., and pitch envlope, and an LFO with selectable wave.
Any way, it was made to do electronic percussion sounds (toms, bass drums,
whatever) but I usually use it for SFX (very cheap source for ambient
meanderings) and just strange pulses.(It has a trigger jack, which I just
hook up to an 808 trigger)  
To get to my dilemma,
I was wondering, Is there a way to hook up a CV jack to control some of the
parameters, such as pitch especially?
All parameters come out to a pot, so Would it be possible to control it from
a CV source, just as if I was twisting the pot in real-time?
How would I do this?

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