Lambda: severe error fixed

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Tue Nov 21 02:26:00 CET 1995

Just for the record:
The great difference in sound of my Lambda vs. other ones
I've heard was *not* due to different versions in 1st place, but
due to a severe error. The switches shorted the signal somehow;
originally, this was a short to GND. Someone must have noticed
this and cut the ground trace to the switches; anyway, with selecting
different presets at one time now - guess that! -
the outputs of different Opamps were directly shorted to each other.
This caused slight(!) distortion, and made the stronger signal come
thru somehow - a very strange effect indeed!
Fixed it, everything works like intended now.
But the most astonishing thing was that it did sound kind of
reasonable and interesting even before - imagine that, with two
opamp output stages directly driving each other (only two elko's
in between; no series resistors.)


PS.: This was no joke! The following is no joke, either
         (imagine the power of lambs!):
         On friday there was a piece of news on a local radio station:
         (Fortunately, it wasn't the place where my wife is working 8-) )

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