Isac Georg Jensen gc908369 at gbar.dtu.dk
Mon Nov 20 13:46:16 CET 1995

Hello list! 

I have been following the conversation a couple of months now, and now i feel
it's about time I gave a contribution. But first about myself:

I'm studying electronics at the University of Denmark, and I was just thrilled 
to find this list, as I have been (are) building a modular synth.
So far my system consists of 3 VCO's, 2 VCA's, 3 LFO's, 1 HP/BP/LP VCF,
1 MOOG filter (Thanks Rick, but where is that PCB?), 1 Ringmodulator and various 
other modules. 
Hopefully my Midi-to-CV interface will be completed around Christmas!
When i get this thing finished and tested, I plan to release the complete 
interface. Including PCB's _AND_ EPROM listing! By the way; does anyone know
where i can get the listings for the Eprom thats used in the english magazine
Elektronotes (who published a MIDI-to-CV interface some years ago)?

Well, enough said.
About this EN business; I would gladly make (and pass out) some copies, if
I where to get a fairly good conditioned copy. I live in Copenhagen. 


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