K.Dunnicliffe at uk22p.bull.co.uk K.Dunnicliffe at uk22p.bull.co.uk
Mon Nov 20 08:42:46 CET 1995

On Thu, 16 Nov 1995 gstopp at fibermux.com wrote
>  So I would like to send out just a few copies, and then direct
>  further     requests to those copy owners. Is this OK? As for payment I 
>  any. Send me interesting faxes once in a while or something.
>  Any volunteers for the USA? How about if I send you all a copy you can > 
>  make at least one copy for someone else?
>      gstopp at fibermux.com

I'm resident in the UK, and I think this is a great idea. If someone sends
me a reasonable master, I'm prepared to distribute a few copies around
the UK. 


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