Yamaha YK-10 info request

Dan Higdon hdan at charybdis.com
Sun Nov 19 22:08:33 CET 1995

FIrst of all, sorry about the massive cross-posting;
I didn't know who to turn to! :-)

I found this controller keyboard at the local music shop, and
I have no idea what it is.  I _do_ know what it's not - it's not midi,
and it doesn't appear to be a conventional CV/gate board.

Why did I get it?  I plan to gut it for my modular synth (under construction),
as it has a nice keyboard and a sturdy case.  But before I do this,
I thought I'd better find out what the heck it is.  I don't want to destroy
something valuable out of ignorance!  If the connector can be
"demuxed", I hope to be able to use it without any modification, but
my gut instinct is that it's digital.

Yamaha Music Keyboard YK-10 Description:
49 key "DX-7"-ish keyboard with no additional wheels or knobs.
It has 1 cable ending in a 2*10 connector and NO OTHER OUTPUTS OR INPUTS.

If any of you know what the YK-10 is, and what it's used for
(and what the pinout of the connector is!), please let me know.

Since this keyboard may be digital, here's some analog content: :-)
I picked up a Tama techstar dual tom module cheap in the same deal.
It's definitely flexible for a drum module.  Now I'm afraid I'll have to go
back and get the snare/hat module.  Darn gear hunger!

Dan Higdon (hdan at charybdis.com)
"Consistency is the hobgoblin of sma...  uh, never mind." -- me

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