AW: Electronotes

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Fri Nov 17 20:15:00 CET 1995

>    Juergen, do you want to take care of Europe?
>     Whatcha all think?

The idea of snowballing is great. Anyway, "taking care of Europe"
would bring me into a responsibility I cannot cope with.
I just wouldn't find the time to copy such an amount of paper
more than once. Sorry to say that. I hope You are not too
I really enjoy trading schematics with many of You (and I have
to apologize for the delays now and then), but that's always just
a few pieces of paper. The only way for me to get *large*
amounts of paper, like the ENs in total, is to *buy* them. I just
don't have the time to do trades of that amount.
(I wonder what I had to do to get more time: Stop to build
this Modular? Divorce from my beloved wife? Quit my job
at Siemens? Maybe I'd just start to copy the EN's at work;
then they fire me, and I'll have lots of time then (;->) )
Besides, I seriously consider not only to get the "best of" collection,
but the whole stuff.
Somebody had the idea to take the EN's to a copy shop and I will
cover the costs. I think this would be the best way for me.

Thanks for Your understanding!


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