Remote control buttonpad repair

Alan Smithers gm371 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Fri Nov 17 07:19:39 CET 1995

I have a wireless remote that isnt responding consistently. I opened it to find
that the rubber substance that conducts, doesnt, on the faulty buttons.
I took apart another discarded remote & sliced off a piece of it & crazy glued
it where the section was, I dont know how long it will stay, the crazy glue
doesnt seem to stick permanently to it...This process is time consuming...
Is there a repair substance you can paint/stick/glue/bond that will conduct
electriciy & hold up with usage? 

To clarify this is the dark rubber substance on the underside of each button on
the inside of the remote control... I cleaned & that wasnt the problem...I put
a meter to it & it just doesnt conduct very well on the faulty buttons...

Please help... there should be an easier way than the surgical method I did...

gm371 at

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