ldavid at lae.lad.gmeds.com ldavid at lae.lad.gmeds.com
Thu Nov 16 19:01:52 CET 1995

>      Hi Guys,
>      Yes I think it's a good idea to farm out the copies of the Preferred 
>      Circuit Collection. Here's the deal: [...] I would like to send out 
just a few copies, and then direct further 
>      requests to those copy owners. Is this OK? As for payment I don't 
>      any. Send me interesting faxes once in a while or something.
>      Any volunteers for the USA? How about if I send you all a copy you 
>      make at least one copy for someone else?
>      Juergen, do you want to take care of Europe?
>      Whatcha all think?
>      - Gene
>      gstopp at fibermux.com

Excellent idea!  I would gladly volunteer to be a US "copy owner" if there 
are not enough already.  I like the get a copy-make a copy idea too, keeps 
things simple.  The only question is will the copy quality rapidly decrease 
to make this unfeasible.  Maybe you could send copies to a handful of people 
in each major location (US, Europe, etc) and then they can each send a 
handful of 4th generation copies to others and on and on.  We just need to 
get a big ol' list of everyone who wants a copy, and then divy it up so that 
each person knows who to send copies to.

Other ideas?

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ldavid at lae.lad.gmeds.com        but Christ lives in me." 

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