gstopp at fibermux.com gstopp at fibermux.com
Thu Nov 16 17:26:24 CET 1995

     Hi Guys,
     Yes I think it's a good idea to farm out the copies of the Preferred 
     Circuit Collection. Here's the deal: I have just succeeded in creating 
     one double-sided master Xerox copy of the original, by hand (yuk). 
     It's about 100-120 pages. I have also used this master to create one 
     third-generation copy (for another list member), and this proves to me 
     that the copy can be mass-reproduced in a double-sided copier. Now I 
     can send out these 3rd generation copies, but I have already received 
     11 requests since last night. Since I have a "normal" job (meaning 
     50-60 hrs/week + family at home) I will probably have about the same 
     response time as Bernie!
     So I would like to send out just a few copies, and then direct further 
     requests to those copy owners. Is this OK? As for payment I don't want 
     any. Send me interesting faxes once in a while or something.
     Any volunteers for the USA? How about if I send you all a copy you can 
     make at least one copy for someone else?
     Juergen, do you want to take care of Europe?
     Whatcha all think?
     - Gene
     gstopp at fibermux.com

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Subject: Electronotes
Author:  konnlg at emw.ericsson.se (Konsult Niklas Lindberg) at ccrelayout
Date:    11/16/95 4:37 PM

>Seriously, if You would really copy that many sheets of paper, I 
>would gladly pay for it the same amount I would have payed to 
>EN, and I would suggest anybody else to do so as well.
>What do You think?
Just want to say I agree with Juergen.
Maybe Gene could send one set of copies over to europe and
then someone over here could make multiple copies and redistribute...
An idea?

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