Elrad magazine SPDIF article?

Barry Klein 714-932-7493 KLEIN_B at A1.WDC.COM
Fri Nov 17 00:48:00 CET 1995

Hey JH or others.....

I am told that there is an article in German in a magazine called
Elrad in the Sept. or Oct. 1994 issue that describes a SPDIF I/O
board for the pc, useable under Windows.  Problem is that it 
supposedly is in German not English.  Any of you seen it and can
confirm?  Is it available in English somehow?  I have been
corresponding with an individual who wants to do pc to DAT digital
I/O and he has been trying to find this article.  I may make one
if it is not too much trouble, otherwise get a ZP-1/2 or a DAL
card eventually.


klein_b at a1.wdc.com

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