Konsult Niklas Lindberg konnlg at emw.ericsson.se
Thu Nov 16 16:37:34 CET 1995

>     Question for the lists - has anybody tried to place an order to
>     Electronotes for back issues? Any luck?
>Gene (and diy list),
>Immediately when I received Your order form copy, I tried to
>contact Electronotes. As the fax didn't come thru, I sent an airmail letter.
>I asked for a real *large* amount of paper, not peanuts, and my
>question was about total costs, because to Europe shippment
>costs would be a factor.
>No response. Nothing at all. "Sit by the riverside watching the waters
>go by".
>Seriously, if You would really copy that many sheets of paper, I
>would gladly pay for it the same amount I would have payed to
>EN, and I would suggest anybody else to do so as well.
>What do You think?

Just want to say I agree with Juergen.

Maybe Gene could send one set of copies over to europe and
then someone over here could make multiple copies and redistribute...

An idea?

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