EMC book

Barry Klein 714-932-7493 KLEIN_B at A1.WDC.COM
Thu Nov 16 05:31:00 CET 1995

>So, I'm looking for books, advice and maybe even some leads on supplies.
>I'm probably going to go for the Fatman, unless someone can offer better

I sell a book called Electronic Music Circuits that I originally wrote
around 1980 that has SSM/CES as well as discrete circuits for building
a modular analog synth.  No MIDI though, and the CES/SSM chips are
very hard to find.  You probably would need a scope as well as that
soldering iron to build many of these projects though.

The Fatman is a good bet for you as everything is there, its MIDI
controllable if you need that, and there are various modifications
around to tweak things the way you want them to be.

If you want more info on my book (also sell a CES/SSM IC databook)
contact me at:   klein_b at a1.wdc.com   BTW, I wrote an update section
for the EMC book that has sources and parts substitution ideas as
well as corrections for the first edition that you might see in a
library somewhere.

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