Beginning Construction

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Wed Nov 15 21:30:48 CET 1995

     Hi John, welcome to building....
     Question for the lists - has anybody tried to place an order to 
     Electronotes for back issues? Any luck? I've faxed around the order 
     form that I got a couple months ago to a few list members, but I 
     haven't ordered anything yet. I have most of the old issues, 
     everything up to '83 or so (the best years), but I can't act as a copy 
     service without endangering my employment status - my volumes are 
     somewhat dog-eared anyway. I am about 90% finished hand-copying the 
     Preferred Circuit Collection, which will give me a clean stack of 
     paper that I can drop in a feeder and sneak copies of once in a while. 
     Unfortunately it's too big for faxing. Scanning is a possibility but 
     alas a remote one - I have the tools but not the time (somebody please 
     invent a scanner with a Xerox machine feeder and a Syquest cartridge 
     Anyway the Preferred Circuit Collection covers all aspects of modular 
     synthesis construction, from "what do you want in your system" to 
     "here's where to buy the parts" to "here's how to solder them 
     together". There are schematics for both discrete and chip versions of 
     all major modules and are 100% professional. If anybody wants to have 
     me snail-mail out the Xerox for mass copying please email me. Paper's 
     free, shipping's free, time isn't so please don't bombard me.
     - Gene
     gstopp at
     p.s. back to the original topic I hear Barry Klein's book is excellent 
     as well. See the archives for details, I guess....

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Subject: Beginning Construction
Author:  newton+ at (JohnRWilley) at ccrelayout
Date:    11/15/95 12:42 PM

     Hi.  I'm looking to get into instrument building, and I'm looking for 
     advice.  I have only a minimal understanding of electronics but I'm 
     looking to learn by doing.  Besides, I live in an honors dormitory 
     full of EE and physics types, so I'm not too concerned.  I've gotten 
     some old books from the library, including "Build a Better Music 
     Synthesizer" by Thomas Henry. It's one of those mid-80's TAB books.  
     What are the odds that some of the components used in the projects are 
     still available?  They are mostly CEM stuff.
     My other option is the PAiA Fatman.  I'd have a kit, midi and 
     everthing in one box.  How useful is this box?  Is it any fun?  I've 
     heard that's it's not a bad project, even for a philosophy major like 
     me.  Yes, I do own a soldering iron and have even used it!
     So, I'm looking for books, advice and maybe even some leads on 
     supplies. I'm probably going to go for the Fatman, unless someone can 
     offer better ideas.

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